Weekly Preview: Two Games For the Season

It’s been quite the season for NetsGC. An opening-game victory over crosstown rivals Knicks Gaming; two wins to starts the season; an early slump followed by an up-and-down fight to 7-7. That’s where things stand now: two more games in hand with which to determine NetsGC’s fate in its inaugural season.

The first of those games might be the most important. At 6 pm EST on Friday, July 19, NetsGC takes on Pacers Gaming (8-6). The Pacers are also pushing for a playoff berth and are also coming off two losses in week 11. At the Turn Tournament, the Pacers defeated NetsGC 61-50, but Shuttles is known as one of the best post-scorer defenders in the league, and the Pacers offense has become increasingly reliant on Ramo’s output on that archetype. Pacers Gaming prides itself on its defense, with Wolf and Ramo forming one of the best defensive pick and roll tandems in the league, and so Wavy.zay and Lav will need to establish the offensive attack early.

After that, NetsGC takes on Mavs Gaming (11-4), the third team to clinch a playoff berth this season. Dimez has had a resurgent season, and PeteBeBallin, Mo, and Sherm have all garnered some discussion in the Rookie of the Year conversation. One nice subplot is the coaching matchup between Mavs Gaming’s Toijuin “LT” Fairley and NetsGC coach/GM Ivan “OGKINGCURT” Curtiss. The two friends co-founded the amateur Pro-Am league My Player Basketball Association (MPBA) and worked as draft consultants for Bucks Gaming in season one.

For NetsGC to make the playoffs, however, some help is necessary even if they win out (a one-one split spells elimination). Magic Gaming has to defeat Grizz Gaming on Thursday night before losing to Wizards District Gaming. If Cavs Legion GC wins, NetsGC needs to maintain a higher point differential; they’re currently up 0.1 (-3.4 to -3.5).

It’s been a long season. NetsGC has the chance to extend it beyond week 12.