Three Things: Still A Work in Progress

By Kristian Cuaresma

Here are three things to highlight from NetsGC’s 1-3 loss to Celtics Crossover Gaming

Game 1: Celtics Crossover wins 23-18

Game 2: NetsGC wins 22-15

Game 3: Celtics Crossover wins 23-13

Game 4: Celtics Crossover wins 21-6


1 – A 5v5 Strength Was A 3v3 Weakness 

Throughout most of THE TIPOFF, NetsGC was elite at taking care of the ball. The team’s ball security created additional room for error that was not initially granted to a roster with more than half of its players selected in the latter end of the draft. NetsGC could afford to have a few more mental lapses on the defensive end and take shots they normally would not on offense because they did not give the ball away. Possessions were valued like gold, and as a result, the wins were easy to come by.

Unfortunately, NetsGC went in the other direction during 3v3. Following last night’s 1-3 loss to Celtics Crossover Gaming, the team is currently averaging a Group 4 worst 1.8 turnovers per game. It is no surprise the teams locked into the top two seeds – and a berth in bracket play next week – are the best at taking care of the ball. In a format that involves racing to 21 points at lightning speed, averaging nearly two turnovers a game is too much of a disadvantage to overcome.


2 – Doc Wasn’t Able To Find His Rhythm

There were certainly flashes of excellence, especially when Doc was able to land consecutive threes. When he is clicking, there are not many players who can go head-to-head with the sophomore. His raw talent is best on display when he’s using a combination of dizzying dribbling moves and fading threes, consequently forcing defenders to pick their poison. Unfortunately, these moments were fleeting and NetsGC’s offense paid for it. While Doc led the group in assists, he also led in turnovers. Normally the shooting guard in 5v5, it is no surprise he was number one in the group in three pointers made, but the fact that he also led in three-point attempts combined with the fourth lowest three-point percentage anchored his explosive potential. For NetsGC to find success in the next 3v3 tournament, Doc will have to reach his potential.


3 – There’s Still One More 

There is no doubt NetsGC is ready to move on to 5v5, particularly because their odds at clinching the second seed in THE SLAM are extremely unlikely. However, before they can dedicate their full attention back to 5v5, the team will need to play one final game against Wizards District Gaming. There is not a spoiler role for NetsGC tonight, but there is value in continuing to work on weaknesses before they put the 3v3 game mode away for a month.