Three Things: A Rollercoaster of Emotions 

By Kristian Cuaresma

Here are three things to highlight from NetsGC 3-2 loss to 76ers GC:


Game 1: NetsGC win 21-19

Game 2: NetsGC win 21-17

Game 3: 76ers GC win 21-17

Game 4: 76ers GC win 21-9

Game 5: 76ers GC win 24-20


1 – The Good

For a moment, it appeared that NetsGC would sweep 76ers GC in shocking fashion. NetsGC won the first two tightly contested games and threatened an early finish to the broadcast. Philadelphia prioritized getting the ball out of Jyden’s hands, but the rookie took what he was given and dished out 12 total assists through the first two games. Entering the contest averaging 3.5 points, Steez benefitted the most from the 76ers GC’s defensive approach as he scored 22 points in both victories. Defensively, NetsGC looked elite as usual, tallying up eight steals between Steez and Streetz. 

2 – The Bad

Momentum began to shift when 76ers GC moved back to their lineup featuring Dre at point guard, UnderRatedGoat at lock and DT at forward. At least for one night, Philadelphia postponed its attempt to integrate 630 into the lineup. After trading for the reigning MVP, 76ers GC has tried to make 630 the focal point of their gameplan in both game modes, but the pivot proved beneficial against NetsGC. With Dre back on his usual build, 76ers GC’s offense looked unstoppable. After averaging only 4.0 points in the first two games, Dre improved to 13.3 points in the final three contests. 

3 – The Ugly 

Despite the lineup change, NetsGC fought until the end of game three and had several opportunities to complete the sweep. Streetz and Jyden missed open jumpers they normally make that would have likely put the game out of reach. A series decided in four games would have been equally impressive as a sweep as no one expected NetsGC to dominate 76ers GC. However, a landslide victory for Philadelphia in game four indicated Brooklyn was in trouble. While the final game was decided on a pair of unbelievable steals, the fact that the series turned when 76ers GC decided to use a new lineup is the most startling takeaway from the contest.