Three Things: A Perfect Ending to a Perfect Week

By Kristian Cuaresma

Here are three things to highlight from NetsGC’s 3-1 victory over Grizz Gaming.

Game 1: Grizz Gaming wins 23-21

Game 2: NetsGC wins 21-11

Game 3: NetsGC wins 21-17

Game 4: NetsGC wins 23-16

1 – Now Loading

Brooklyn has been here before but there is something different this time. It could be that the team is playing 3v3 instead of 5v5, or it could be that the entire backcourt has been swapped out. NetsGC was once on top of the NBA 2K League standings after reeling off four consecutive wins to begin the 5v5 season, but it all suddenly came crashing down the moment the team experienced hardship.

As they currently ride a three-game winning streak, NetsGC find themselves in control of their own destiny again. The biggest difference may be that this time, their wins have come against two 3v3 teams that went on a deep tournament run in THE SLAM. Furthermore, they have been convincing victories, with the team not leaving any doubt and having yet to play in a game five. There is still potential for a meltdown, but it is becoming increasingly likely that this team has finally figured something out with 3v3.

2 – Solving the BP Equation

Entering the matchup, Grizz Gaming’s BP was averaging 11.1 points, 3.5 assists, and 0.5 turnovers on high usage. Memphis was taking full advantage of what makes BP special, and the resilient guard has come through for his team on several occasions. Despite opposing defenses understanding what Grizz Gaming is trying to accomplish on offense, BP has managed to shoot 73 percent from the field and 65 percent from deep.

For one night, NetsGC figured out how to slow down the Grizz Gaming offense. Not only did Brooklyn snap BP’s 12-game streak of double-digit scoring in game one, but the defense also kept Memphis to a season-low 11 points in game two. NetsGC threw different coverages at BP throughout the series and made it difficult for him to find a rhythm. By the end of the night, Grizz Gaming were held below their shooting averages and forced into uncharacteristic turnovers.

3 – Taking Care of Business 

NetsGC failed to qualify for group play in THE SLAM, the NBA 2K League’s prior 3v3 tournament. With a record of 2-4, Brooklyn secured wins against community team Dot Squad but struggled to keep pace against Celtics Crossover Gaming and the eventual champions Wizards DG. However, the silver lining was that the team was competitive. The only thing that held them back was their inability to close out games, evident by their respectable 11-13 overall record.

After the first week of group play in THE SWITCH, NetsGC is 9-3 and have yet to play in a “winner-take-all” game five. Their 3-0 record has been built on clean efforts and being in control for most of the series. NetsGC has only fallen behind once in a series, and the team responded by reeling off three consecutive wins against Grizz Gaming. Brooklyn will likely be further challenged in week two, but up to this point, they have taken care of business.