Opening Week Recap – SLAM OPEN

By Kristian Cuaresma

NetsGC experienced peaks and valleys to begin their 2023 3v3 NBA 2K League season. In their opening set of games, the team played Pacers Gaming, NBL Oz Gaming, and Raptors Uprising GC.

The league updated its 3v3 format this season by removing conferences and adopting a seeded tournament bracket. Despite every professional team earning an automatic berth in bracket play, group play success means accumulating points for the end-of-year playoffs.

With Brooklyn playing these same opponents next week, early victories would force Indiana, NBL, and Toronto to adjust gameplans for the rematch.

NetsGC defeat Pacers Gaming 3-1

Player of the Game – Greens (Guard)

Series Average: 15.0 pts, 2.8 ast, 75% field-goal, 67% three-point

The best-of-five matchup did not begin well, with NetsGC dropping the opening game 21-16. Fortunately, the team regrouped and completed a convincing reverse sweep. Brooklyn was led by its superstar rookie Greens. The explosive guard showcased his elite repertoire of dribble moves which resulted in endless highlight reel material. The most impressive part about Greens’ debut was that he got stronger as the series progressed. His field goal percentages increased with each game, which was a testament to how well the youngster adjusted to evolving defenses during a five-game set

NetsGC lose to NBL Oz Gaming 3-1

Player of the Game – Jyden (Guard)

Series Average: 12.0 pts, 2.8 ast, 0.3 to, 59% three-point

Chapter One between NetsGC and their former point guard did not go as planned. Before viewers could brace themselves, Jyden delivered a fatal blow to NetsGC’s dreams of a perfect opening week. Early deficits allowed the NBL Oz defense to double Greens on the perimeter, making it difficult for him to hunt for threes. Despite NetsGC’s reputation as a strong defensive team, they struggled during the series to find stops. The first round goes to Jyden and his new squad.

NetsGC defeat Raptors Uprising 3-2

Player of the Game – Steez (Center)

Series Average: 13.5 pts, 2.8 reb, 96% field-goal

NetsGC did not have time to dwell over their defeat to NBL Oz. Less than two hours later, the team loaded back onto the virtual blacktop to play Raptors Uprising GC. Toronto’s confidence was trending upwards after an impressive sweep of Pacers Gaming earlier in the evening. NetsGC started the series with a commanding 2-0 lead. Unlike in their matchup against NBL Oz, NetsGC got the defensive stops needed to take advantage of Steez’s inside big archetype. Raptors Uprising GC did not fall easily and fought back to even the series to force a final game five. They were led by their rookie point guard Mooch, whose parents had made the trip to Toronto from Chicago to see their son play. Fortunately, NetsGC got the  series win to go over .500 on the season.