NetsGC Earn Your Spot Tournament Presented By Samson

NetsGC and the MPBA present the Earn Your Spot Tournament


Once the team captain has paid the team’s registration amount, you will be sent a separate email to register your team.



Game: NBA 2K20

Console: Xbox One

Mode: 5v5 Pro-Am. Best of three series every round.


  1. All teams participating in the tournament must have five (5) players on the roster in order to participate in the tournament.
  2. All players must be 18+ to participate in the tournament.
  3. All team owners will be placed in a group chat by NetsGC in order to schedule game times.
  4. All teams must provide a Twitch link to NetsGC before each series begins.
  5. All players will have to provide their real name in tournament registration.
  6. All players must participate under the gamertag that they have registered under. Only OG KING CURT can approve gamertag changes.
  7. All players can compete only on one team throughout the entire tournament.
  8. All players must comply with all applicable laws, as well as NBA 2K League qualifier and combine rules and procedures.

Gameplay Rules:

  1. Players are not allowed to send a message during gameplay. Doing so can result in a forfeit or a loss of possession.
  2. One (1) player from each team must stream each tournament game.
  3. Each round of the tournament is a best of three series.
  4. All decisions that are made regarding a team will be made by the team’s owner. Owners will be identified and labeled during the sign-up process.
  5. If any gameplay glitch happens, players are instructed to record the clip via Xbox. The gameplay will result in a restart once the administrators have made a judgement.
  6. If a player lags out within the first two minutes, the game is to be replayed. Also, if a player on the winning team lags out, the other four players must quit within 30 seconds to replay the game.
  7. Disputes with teams will be resolved by NetsGC staff.
  8. Screenshots are due after each game to NetsGC staff.
  9. All players must follow NBA 2K League’s rules and guidelines.
  10. All players must follow MPBA and NetsGC rules and guidelines.
  11. All participants must comply with the NBA 2K League conduct policies.
  12. All participants will have to sign a waiver.


Winning Team:

  • Cash Prize
  • Samson G Track Pro USB Microphones
  • Samson Z55 Studio Headphones

MVP Prizes:

  • Samson G Track Pro USB Microphone
  • Samson Z55 Studio Headphones
  • Samson Media One M50 Studio Monitors
  • Samson QH4 Headphone amplifier

One (1) participant from the winning team and one (1) participant from the whole tournament will be selected to be draft eligible for Season 3 of the NBA 2K League, in accordance with NBA 2K League guidelines.


The opportunity to join the NBA 2K League draft pool is subject to NBA 2K League approval, which approval may be granted or withheld in the sole discretion of the NBA 2K League, and the satisfaction of all applicable eligibility requirements established by the NBA 2K League.

To be eligible for potential draft eligibility, participants must be at least eighteen (18) years of age and have graduated from high school by October 22, 2019 (or, if the participant did not graduate from high school, the class with which the participant would have graduated had he or she graduated from high school must have graduated by October 22, 2019). This requirement relates only to potential draft eligibility and, subject to applicable laws and participation rules, failure to satisfy this requirement does not preclude tournament participation.

No individual who participated in the NBA 2K League as a player at any point during the 2019 NBA 2K League season may participate in the tournament for draft pool eligibility, in accordance with NBA 2K League policy.