NetsGC Draft Prospect: Ehtruth

NetsGC Draft Profile: EhTruth


EhTruth will be near the top of a lot of teams’ power forward rankings come draft day after impressive play on this year’s NBA 2K with a dominant Pro-Am team. Expect him to be among the first players selected at the 4 position.


What Has He Accomplished?


EhTruth is teammates with Crushwho we also profiled last weekon the Pro-Am team Greatness. At the risk of repeating what’s already been said, Greatness has been on a tear in 2K20, bringing home multiple season titles and tournament wins. It’s that success that has put EhTruth in the spotlight and part of why he’ll probably hear his name called on Saturday.


What’s His Playstyle?


EhTruth is an all-around power forward with solid defense and good shooting out of the corner. He hasn’t had to be a star on a team stacked with current and future NBA 2K League talent, showing his willingness to be a role player as necessary. That’s likely how he’ll fit into most lineups in the league. 


Where Could He Go?


Team-hosted mock drafts have projected EhTruth as a second-round pick in this year’s draft. His highest selection came in NetsGC’s own mock draft at 25th overall to Knicks Gaming, while his farthest fall came at just 34th overall to Raptors Uprising GC in Hornets Venom GT’s mock draft. In Magic Gaming’s mock draft earlier this month, EhTruth was picked up by NetsGC with the 29th overall pick.