NetsGC Draft Prospect: Crush

After a strong offseason in the Pro-Am realm, Crush will likely be seen as a hot commodity come draft day. With an impressive résumé on NBA 2K20 along with a strong defensive skillset, he could hear his name called early on Feb. 22.



What Has He Accomplished?


Just about everything this year. Crush runs with the Pro-Am team Greatness, a squad full of NBA 2K League players and draft pool prospects in Goofy757, ZDS, Duck and EhTruth. Greatness won back-to-back WR Pro-Am League seasons, the WR Holiday Classic, Top Tier Leagues season one and the LT Classic hosted by the MPBA in 2K20, all on PS4, a run that few Pro-Am teams could hope to accomplish. 


What’s His Playstyle?


Crush is a lockdown defender and one of the key impact players on Greatness with his defensive prowess. He’s good at forcing turnovers and turning those into points on the fastbreak. Whether lockdown defender archetypes are in the league for season three or not, you’ll likely see Crush tasked with checking opposing point guards night in and night out.


Where Could He Go?


With his myriad accomplishments and obvious talent, don’t expect Crush to stay on the board for long. The lowest he fell in any team mock draft hosted this offseason was NetsGC’s own, where he went 15th overall to rival Knicks Gaming. In Magic Gaming’s mock draft hosted just this week, Crush went 7th overall to Lakers Gaming, and in Hornets Venom GT’s mock draft in January, he was selected 9th overall to NetsGC.