NetsGC Acquires Extra 2021 Second-Round Selection in Picks Swap

NetsGC acquired an extra second-round pick in the 2021 NBA 2K League draft from Gen.G Tigers of Shanghai as part of a picks swap to help strengthen its season four roster, the team announced today.

In the deal, Brooklyn receives:

  • 2021 second-round pick (35th overall, originally owned by Mavs Gaming)
  • 2022 third-round pick (Gen.G)

And Gen.G receives:

  • 2021 third-round pick (47th overall, originally owned by Grizz Gaming)
  • 2022 first-round pick (NetsGC)

The trade gives Brooklyn two second-round picks in the upcoming draft: the 33rd overall selection (acquired from Grizz Gaming as part of the Nov. 12 three-team deal) and the 35th overall selection as the team builds around its three core players of Choc, Jin and Dat Boy Shotz.

“Being able to close out our starting five in the second round is exactly what Ivan ‘OGKINGCURT’ Curtiss and I set out to do,” said NetsGC Assistant General Manager Wael Ankouni. “Being able to add two high-quality players to our core was something we just couldn’t pass up.”

NetsGC also holds its own third-round pick at 60th overall. The team will round out its roster with three additional players in the 2021 draft.

“This trade is going to be what sets us over the top,” said NetsGC point guard Josh ‘Choc’ Humphries. “We got exactly what we wanted and needed.”

The NBA 2K League’s November trade window closed earlier today. NetsGC spent the offseason acquiring Jin from Warriors Gaming Squad in September and Dat Boy Shotz from Blazer5 Gaming earlier this month.