NetsGC Acquires Dat Boy Shotz, 2021 Picks in Three-Team Deal

NetsGC made a splash in the trade market today, acquiring prolific big man Dat Boy Shotz, along with two 2021 draft picks in the NBA 2K League’s first-ever three-team swap.

Brooklyn will send Randomz and JoelLazu to Blazer5 Gaming, plus its own 2021 first-round pick to Grizz Gaming as part of the deal. Blazer5 Gaming will also receive center G O O F Y 7 5 7 from Memphis.

The full trade, which features the most assets swapped in a single transaction in NBA 2K Leauge history, is as follows.

NetsGC receives:

  • Dat Boy Shotz (from Blazer5 Gaming)
  • 2021 second-round draft pick (Grizz Gaming)
  • 2021 third-round draft pick (Grizz Gaming

Blazer5 Gaming receives:

  • Randomz (NetsGC)
  • JoelLazu (NetsGC)
  • G O O F Y 7 5 7 (Grizz Gaming)

Grizz Gaming receives:

  • 2021 first-round draft pick (NetsGC)
  • 2021 first-round draft pick (Blazer5 Gaming)
  • 2021 second-round draft pick (Blazer5 Gaming)

NetsGC will be required to spend its own second-round pick to retain and trade JoelLazu.

Dat Boy Shotz brings an elite pedigree to Brooklyn. In 2018, the power forward/center helped lead Blazer5 Gaming to a 14-2 regular-season record along with THE TURN tournament banner. He was selected first overall in the season two expansion draft by Hawks Talon GC, and later acquired by Kings Guard Gaming for the 2020 season.

In Sacramento, Dat Boy Shotz led the Kings to an 11-5 record, good for fifth seed in the playoffs, and a finals appearance at THE TIPOFF. This year, he averaged 12.1 points per game, 9.6 rebounds per game and 4.2 assists per game while shooting 70.6% from the field and 57.7% from deep, mainly at the center position. He was traded back to Blazer5 Gaming earlier this offseason as part of a blockbuster deal.

Shotz completes our offseason mission,” said NetsGC Head Coach and General Manager Ivan “OGKINGCURT” Curtiss. “Wael and I set out to get great pieces around Choc and we successfully accomplished that. Shotz gives us an elite center who is capable of making any play on the court on both ends.”

With Choc and the recently acquired Jin also on the roster, the Brooklyn front office believes the core of the team is set for 2021.

“We’re incredibly excited to welcome Shotz to Brooklyn,” said Assistant General Manager Wael Ankouni. “He’s someone Curt and I have always thought extremely highly of. We believe putting him with Choc and Jin puts us on the right track to continue pursuing our goal of an NBA 2K League championship.”

The two draft picks heading to NetsGC sit at 33rd overall and 56th overall in the 2021 draft. The first-round pick Brooklyn sent to Grizz Gaming is the 14th overall selection.

Randomz, who will find a new home in Portland with Blazer5 Gaming, was selected by NetsGC in the second round of the 2020 entry draft, and his work on the defensive end helped push Brooklyn to its first-ever playoff appearance. He averaged 11.3 points per game and 2.3 steals per game during his rookie season.

“We’d like to thank Randomz for his time in Brooklyn. He came in and made a huge impact for us defensively. We wish him all the best in Portland,” said Ankouni.

This trade is the third NetsGC has made so far this offseason. Brooklyn acquired Jin from Warriors Gaming Squad and JoelLazu from Grizz Gaming during the September trade window.

The current trade window opened today and will run through Nov. 30. NetsGC is allowed to trade 4 more assets until the window closes.