Five Things: NetsGC Suffer Lopsided Defeat

By Kristian Cuaresma

Here are five things to highlight from NetsGC’s 96-66 loss to T-Wolves Gaming.

1 – Tough Start for King Haad

The game was over by the time the first quarter ended. Trailing 28-13, NetsGC realized they were in for a long night against the number one team in the league. While there is plenty of blame to pass around, an NBA 2K League team’s success and failures normally begins with their point guard. Playing the most important position on the floor comes with certain expectations and King Haad has struggled to meet them. T-Wolves Gaming forced the rookie into six turnovers in the first six minutes. It was a night to forget as King Haad finished with a career-worst ten giveaways.

2 – Still Waiting on the Young Backcourt 

The other half of the rookie backcourt is also experiencing a difficult stretch of his own, with Jyden struggling for a third straight game. Fans had hoped that Jyden’s off-season chemistry would unlock the team’s offensive potential. In King Haad’s last game in THE TURN, he scored 11 points in one minute and it seemed the rookie had finally figured it out. Prior to the trade, Jyden was coming off a career-high in points with Cleveland and impressed in 3v3 for Brooklyn. However, since the team’s win against the Gen.G Tigers last week, the duo has taken several steps backwards.

3 – A Mind-Bending Second Quarter

Before NetsGC was completely overwhelmed by T-Wolves Gaming, the team showed signs of life to begin the second quarter. NetsGC stopped T-Wolves Gaming on the first four possessions which resulted in easy buckets in transition. A 9-0 Brooklyn run cut the deficit from 15 to nine and prompted Minnesota to call timeout. Unfortunately, T-Wolves Gaming would finish the quarter on a 11-2 run and completely negate any momentum NetsGC tried to build up.

4 – A Master Class

T-Wolves Gaming is the most impressive team NetsGC has faced in 5v5 this season. Everything they did on the court was elite, calculated, and done with the intent of taking NetsGC out of the game as quickly as possible. Passing lanes that looked inviting one second before vanishing in the blink of an eye. Their players moved more like track-and-field stars rather than basketball players. T-Wolves Gaming has all the pieces a team needs to win a championship and that was made painfully clear last night.

5 – Something Is Broken 

Over a week ago, NetsGC unveiled their new 5v5 lineup and pulled off a stunning upset over the Gen G Tigers. The morale inside the locker room was trending upwards and the team was eager to make one final push for the playoffs. After last night, NetsGC is arguably at their lowest point with no time left to spare. With only one game left before THE TICKET, it is paramount for NetsGC to come together if the season is to be saved.